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Various book on Tai Chi

  1. "Tai Chi Secrets of the Ancient Masters. Selected Readings with Commentary. A Motivational Pocket Guide for Tai Chi Chuan." Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming (Editor) Paperback 115 pages (1999) Celestial Arts ISBN: 188696971X
  2. "The Essence of T'ai Chi Ch'aun - The Literary Tradition" by Benjamin Pang Jeng Lo, Martin Inn, Robert Amacker and Susan Foe (North Atlantic Books, 1987)
  3. "Complete Tai Chi Chuan" Dan Docherty, Paperback 160 pages (August 1997), The Crowood Press ISBN: 1861260334
  4. "Collins Gem Tai Chi" by Ronnie Robinson. Paperback 192 pages (May, 2001) Collins; ISBN: 0007110138
  5. Tai-chi Ch'uan by Y.K. Chen Paperback ( 1 June, 1979) Newcastle Publishing Company; ISBN: 0878770437
  6. The Complete Book of Tai Chi Chuan by Wong Kiew Kit Paperback - 336 pages (September 1996) Element Books Ltd; ISBN: 1852307927
  7. T'ai Chi Ch'aun For Health and Self Defense - Philosophy and Practice (Master T. T. Liang, Vantage Books, 1997)
  8. There are No Secrets : Professor Cheng Man-ching and His T'ai Chi Ch'uan by Wolfe Lowenthal (North Atlantic Books, US, January 1992)
  9. T'ai Chi: The Essential Introductory Guide by Alan Peck (Vermilion, October 1996)
  10. T'ai Chi: The Supreme Ultimate by Lawrence Galante (Weiser, US, April 1990)
  11. T'ai Chi Classics by Waysun Liao (Shambhala Publications, May 1991)
  12. Essence of T'ai Chi by Waysun Liao (Shambhala Publications, March 1995)
  13. Principles of Tai Chi by Paul Brecher (Thorsons, July 1997)
  14. T'ai Chi Journey by John Lash (Element Books, 1989)
  15. Wu Chi, Tai Chi by John Lash (Paperback, 10 September, 2002 by Robson Books; ISBN: 1843336154)